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Social Work

Program Synopsis

The Master of Social Science and Doctor of Philosophy in Social Work offers students the preparation necessary for a successful career at a research intense academic institution and for leadership roles in the design and development of social welfare programs and policies. The program's curriculum is designed to provide students with rigorous methodological, conceptual, and statistical training in both quantitative and qualitative research. An important feature of our program is that all students are paired with a research mentor who works collaboratively with the designated student throughout the entire program to ensure competency in core research, scholarship, and teaching areas.

Research Programs / Graduate opportunities include:

    • Poverty Studies and Micro Credit
    • Human Resources Development
    • Social Demography
    • Ethnicity and Identity
    • Development Sociology
    • Social and Physical Planning
    • CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility and Philanthropy)
    • Multi-religious and Multi-cultural Studies


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