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Program Synopsis

The Master of Social Science in Anthropology and Sociology consists of research programs offered throughout the year. These programs are offered as full-time and part-time modes to qualified Malaysian and International students to carry out research supervised by their respective lecturers in the field of Anthropology and Sociology. Anthropology and Sociology is an area of study for students with a particular interest in relationships and the complexity of cooperation, conflict and communication which constitutes any society. Both fields of Anthropology and Sociology explore the social and cultural realities of life in all its forms. Knowledge of Anthropology and Sociology empowers the graduates with abilities and opportunities to think creatively and critically about the connections that shape everyday lives as well as organizations and social relations in society. It has an enduring interest in the ways human beings make meaning in an uncertain and often unequal world.

Research Programs / Graduate opportunities include:

  • Poverty Studies and Micro Credit
  • Social Demography
  • Ethnicity and Identity
  • Development Sociology
  • CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility) and Philanthropy
  • Multi-religious and Multi-cultural Studies
  • Social Anthropology
  • Anthropology and Sociology


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